1 glass of honey in the morning to know the benefits of drinking water 7!!


Since long time ago, honey is used as medicine. Minor wound healing of various diseases and was used to heal quickly. So every day is much better for your health to eat a little honey. Every morning drink a glass of honey water, both the body and health will be good.


1. Helps to reduce weight

1 glass of warm water every morning, mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey drinking to lose weight fast. Honey is a natural sugar that provides energy to our body and improves digestion process. This figure is less to fear. Honey water also helps to remove accumulated fat.

II. Protects from acidity

1 glass of honey per day drinking water is available from the acidity problem. Which causes irritation of the stomach mucous secretion ayantiseptika quality sweet release. Honey water also helps hydrate the colon and inaphiusake.

3. Increases resistance to disease

Honey is the habit of drinking water increases the body’s resistance to disease. Ayantibyakateriyala and antioxidant content of honey makes the body strong from inside and helps to protect against any bacteria.

4. Helps you stay ayalarjimukta

Rose 1 glass of honey water can be released from allergy problems. Honey, drinking a glass of water every morning as a result of the poll body ansagulo whose infection is higher than those at the allergy is caused by a kind of defense of the screen, which reduces sensitivity to pain and allergy released.

5. Helps to eliminate the problem of gas in the stomach



If the problem is a type of gas, which is working to reduce the discomfort enough honey water. When the gas issue 1 teaspoon of honey mixed drink 1 glass of water and remove. It will be cold and stomach problems will remove the gas.

6. Heal the body immediate energy supply

Normally the body when sugar levels are perceived weakness. At the time, the energy drink did not drink water, drink 1 glass of honey. The body will immediately Energy, vulnerabilities can be cut off and the body will be good.

7. Keeps heart healthy

If you drink a glass of warm water mixed with honey, it’s good cholesterol levels in the body reinforces and helps to stay away from cardiovascular problems.