1 lakh price of a fish!


Nakhona pathama province of Thailand, a fish was sold at Rs 750 lakh 14 thousand (530 thousand dollars). Why not, the fish is wrapped in the national flag on all the time. Yes, there is a fish on the shade of the color of the national flag.


For this reason, the fish are sold so broke the old record. Online auction of the fish were sold. So far, most of the fish sold in Thailand. On fish, red, blue and white shades, which are precisely the same as Thailand’s national flag.

The owner of this fish glass Warraq his picture on Facebook to upload the image has become viral. According to Glass, the first day of it, maybe someone would buy a few thousand baht. But the second day, when he saw that it was the price of 10 baht, he was surprised.

He played betaphisa hobby. The fish auction on November 6 for the image posted on Facebook. The price starts from 99 baht. The auction ends on November 8 through 53 500 baht. Internet.

Glass said, he was wearing the color of the flag before betaphisati growth. But he did not come to anyone. Before that, he had to sell a maximum of 3 thousand 500 baht betaphisa ardhacamda shape. Glass said that the original color of the national flag to be rich in fish one million. A lot of people have tried to observe the fish.