1 week rice boiled with water to wash face and hair, this young woman, so incredible fruit 1st!!


Nothing, just boiled rice to the face and hair made of water. As a result of such things as incredible. Just how these techniques can be applied, are now Veronica’s blog.

Hazel Veronica biutisiyana of California. Beautiful man in place of his career. Every day many people came to him and various skin and hair problems. Veronica would tell them the solution is worth. But the expert also knew that experienced the beauty, the beauty of his customers for problem skin and hair are recommended to give the product, deliver them to a specific problem, such as matching, as well as side effects from any other body is going to hurt. Prodaktei various chemicals being used in the current market because of the beauty, which is not in any way, harm the body karachei.

Veronica began to think, while the latter has a beauty product innovation, which in ancient times, women were rupacarca How? He began his own research to find the answer. Veronica was discovered several months after the study of the ancient wonders of the era of Asian women in traditional makeup techniques, which are extinct today.


Before applying on the customer’s strategy, Veronica decides, on his own will apply. For a few months he was suffering from the black spots and rough hair. To get rid of this problem, apply the same strategy he’s skin and hair. Haptakhanekera can change the appearance of the skin and hair. Black spots on the face, as well as decrease, the hair becomes soft as silk.