10 precious tips of eggs ??


1. Want to eat boiled eggs in saucepan, boil water and wash semi-feeding infants. It can be found in more than nutrition.


II. Many times, when you peel the egg shell eggs broken, shell comes up with the white part. One teaspoon of baking soda to get rid of this problem with the water of boiled egg.

3. Place the eggs in the direction of the narrow part of the case between the top of the egg. Eggs will be good for a long time.

4. When you can give a little milk mixed omelette. Omelette should be soft and phulako.

5. Pack an extraordinary egg protein rough hair. Apply the hair of phetiye. After 30 minutes, remove shampoo.

6. The egg contains the most calories kusume. Only 50 calories in an egg white.

7. Egg laying eggs doused with water, lime is good for two weeks. If you long to be refrigerated.

8. Earlier in the day, a little salt and olive oil to coat the egg, then the egg. If you can not take the pan.

9. Fried boiled egg with a fork to kemce. Otherwise, grow up and can cause major accidents.

10. Put the egg whites with the fire. It must be comfortable, not be blisters and can be quickly recovered.