14 kg of heroine was played after the gold lehanga !!

    Lehanga 14 kg of pure gold. Yes, you heard right, lehanga gold. It is an historic era lehanga. Ekkabare up period.
    Lehanga was played after the gold stars. This khabarei social media fuss. 6-year-old wisdom jayasaoyala is a Telugu film. The name of the film “Wong bhenkatesbaraya nom. The film starred the wisdom of gold lehanga work. That is believed to be.

    His first look of the film shared on social media. Since then, his wisdom, and wearing gold lehanga viral on the Internet. The film entered post-14 kg gold lehanga wisdom. Kellaphate enough. The only question is, what is the wisdom of wearing lehanga 14 kg of gold? All the talk about it now.

    Raghavendra Rao’s father, a fan of the movie harirama of life stories. Tirumala Tirupati god pithas bhenkatesbarayara a monastery founded in the year 1500, this devotee. Movie about his life. Wisdom is a role that the film is still not known. However, everyone is interested in his wearing of the green-gold lehanga.