1tk bhasalei 5 million worth of coins in the water! ??


“Metallic water bhasalei currency money! Millions, billions! How many will take, how much you can! Rooms full of money! You can bring that up! Currency is just bhasalei water! “This was one of the chemists employed consumers.

In response, she says, the money to be made. If necessary, take euro. It would be carrying. One bundle will be a lot of money.

The chemist was, I can get a job. We’ll foreign bank accounts. Withdraw money with the card. There is no necessity-or stayed in the country. If you have the money you need to stay in the country? Italy or the United States will be.

This reporter has met only once the chemist. Later, he found it. He worked for a buyer pay the 60 thousand rupees.