220 lover of money collected from the sale of the house, and bought the iPhone ‘lover’!!


Chinese social media has been whispered about him. Even his name is trending. Kirtita so what? 0. Do not sell the iPhone 7, a woman bought a house. But it’s so much camakabara! There are surprises at the end of the story, however.

Reportedly, the iPhone as a gift she received from her fans. Better to say, to give the gift. The celebrity surprised that the forest is listening. Now the news has spread beyond the kirtimanera Chinese media throughout the world. The young woman’s home in the city of South China’s senajena BBC said.

The first two forums iyi Chinese blagasaita Tian Ya “Proud kiyaoba named a blogger event that gathers young lover. “Proud kiyaoba” said jiyaoli (pseudonym), the name of the girl friends recently showed its new home. Expensive incompatible with his consistency was surprised friends at home.

According to a new house with the money he saved kinichena. The Friends also surprised. They’re not at all calculated to match, completed the family situation is not much jiyaoli. Her mother, housewife and father as well as workers employed abroad. He is the son of the family. Where did you get so much money!

And that is light, with the same jiyaolira boyfriend is 0. Each of them with the pressure from the new models come on the market on 16 September performed -7 expensive iPhone.