23 million golden opportunity to win. Just have to do a little work !!


    Just across the whole country money. You may already be profitable. You can go to the big rich. One would have to work.


    If they do it will be gone in no time your bank Rs 3 lakh. If you’re a true cricket, then you have to do, however, is a very difficult job. A wink to the King of kings, will be able to work.

    Your bank account if the market reaches 3 million damage! There is no harm. But that’s a very difficult thing. Rawalpindi Express Shoaib Akhtar to show greed for money and fame. Many did not have the ability to handle his pace. Shoaib can run the ball and sees many feet clatter and shake with fear. Shoaib Akhtar sixes paharalei to the gallery will be 3 million fans got on their foreheads.

    This is an opportunity not to be found. Shoaib Akhtar, but word of mouth is not the sixes. On November 5, the harder it will be to the next. The competition is held every year in Dubai as a cricket challenge. Many of them will participate.


    Shoaib Akhtar will face fierce pace the lucky ones. Akhtar dismissed if he will receive 3 million to the gallery. Just go directly to your bank Rs 3 lakh. However, the presence of Shoaib Akhtar. Watch out if to bring home the bacon.