3-fold increase in the garlic men playing physical ability?


Venus short of giving it some extra levels of physical interaction occurs as a result of the reduced levels of sperm and semen becomes thinner. If you can reduce sperm levels sarirare you a lot of time, but you may be unable to have children.


According to the World Health Organization, less than 0 million sperm per milliliter of sperm, if any man can be infertile. Bad eating habits, smoking, alcohol, uncontrolled life, exercises, etc., due to the reluctance of barrenness is increasing day by day. The special garlic flavoring. The pair hardly garlic producing healthy sperm.

Garlic is a very good result in the inability to have sex. Add garlic, poor penicillin is called. Because it acts as an immune booster, and it atia ayantiseptika and vegetables are available, which we accept as food almost constantly to stay.

Is very effective in bringing back the use of your sexual desire.