3+ healthier way to learn more about long-lasting mosquito repellent and mosquito do not have the room?


Syabhalana mosquitoes and flies away from the house to clean the house. This will keep your home germ-free.


An easy way to mosquitoes over the use of camphor, camphor adhakapa few pieces soaked in water and keep it under a bed. It’s sure to be reduced upadrapa mosquitoes.


Cell, coating, mattresses, balisa, cloth, etc., should be in the sun occasionally. This is less than many insect.
Add alert karamantabya karasamparkayukta question karunamasa repellent works great as a few upaya karpurah masabitaraka use camphor. Other natural solutions is the most lasting element of camphor.

Camphor is room for a certain amount of besialpa the house with the doors and windows closed and, after 1520 minutes, the whole house was mosquito free.