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Saiful Rahman gets the name of the town of Jamalpur bagerahata Native Plants and herbs, a doctor with an extract of leaves to find a cure for AIDS has claimed. Taking the cure three patients have already been eidasamukta percent and 4th patient continues to recover gradually.


If public or private patronage deadly disease AIDS patients as well as Bangladesh claimed to be able to protect the allure herbalists. Inventing a cure for AIDS cure doctor gets Saiful Rahman said his father and grandfather were both herbalists.

If they are Native Plants and herbs extract of leaves of various diseases with drugs that affected hundreds of people have been cured with medical treatment. Information sources on the basis of those ancestors medicinal plants and herbs allure doctor domestic tree leaf extract made by the cure for AIDS cure.

He had experimented with drugs that cure is already cagramera Swapan, Ashraf Dhaka and Comilla jebunnahara eidasamukta percent of the patients who had three. In addition, the fourth Jamal eidasamukta patients take the drugs regularly over the past three months he had quickly moving towards success.

He invented his own with a free AIDS drugs to treat the disease in a leaflet distributed in different parts of the country. According to the information leaflet of four phases of treatment to AIDS patients came to him. He rogiguloke to treat the AIDS patient, whether the patient has been confirmed before.


Therefore, AIDS patients and strangers sent to Dhaka’s Bangabandhu Medical University tested the blood of the patients knew the amount of HIV in the blood of patients with the presence of bhira.