4. If the place goes to charge mobile phones


Mobile phone is always charged more. Can be seen when the charge came to an end just when needed. Please note that some of the tips that will be charged by the phone a little bit more time.


Let’s see what tips –

1. If you sit in the pocket often fell back on her. The mobile phone and its battery is duiyerai loss. Batteries can burst if too much pressure.

II. Too cold, the battery goes down very quickly. So it can go cold. As dress shirt into the depths of the bag by applying battery is active. But it will not be forgotten in the heat. More heat the battery can be damaged.

3. I’ve enjoyed the visit, but a little handle without fail. Do not forget your mobile phone with you at all times. Do not go near the sea of forgotten about. Hotalei leave if necessary. Because, as ponao burn your skin.


4. If the phone can be near the fire worse. It is for the summer. Keep the phone away from myself a little time to cook. Maybe a dugharatana.