42-inch TV costs only 10 thousand!


42-inch TV costs only 10 thousand!


Prakasah February, 2017

Bidimarnim deska

Samsung, LG, Sony’s famous brand LED or LCD TV market is going to get half the price of most stores. Customers are happy to buy half the price of the home. The first set of the TV screen, the picture quality is not too bad. But some days later came the rub. 41 TV sets RAB mobile court seized of the capital’s Gulistan Sundarban Square Market Ali International company, Usha enterprise, SM Ali Electronics, Ali Electronics, electronics and fast electronic Brothers from the six stores.

RAB executive magistrates Sarwar Alam, LED TV sets from China at very low prices are made to order. A 1-inch LED TV sets at the price of Rs 3 thousand to 4 thousand, 10 thousand for the price of 4-inch and 4-inch TVs TV sets price of 7 to 8 per thousand. A godowns importers in the Samsung, LG and Sony monogram sticker set.


41 TV sets in the Sundarban Square Market and kaptanabajarera six were seized from the shop. Store those from Samsung, LG and Sony monogram of stickers, stickers to install the software and equipment available.