4Use skin care toothpaste out!


We usually use toothpaste for dental care. But keep in mind that the toothpaste tbakerao you know what it is? Toothpastes, skin care can give your brand, which is something that expensive cosmetics can not upokarita glaring. Tuthapestai fluoride is more common in rupacarcaya. Let’s assume that some effective skin care using toothpaste.


White Heads:
Dust, pollution, excessive makeup, etc., due to the severe damage to your skin. Occurs as a result of Black Head. Black Head White Head of the previous situation, so that the pores of your skin pore is closed. Places such as the White Head, nose, forehead, chin places thick layer of toothpaste put it. When dry, remove the light scrutinized, not to tinker with the water in the first place. If you like toothpaste to mouth wash up. You’ll be surprised at the results after a few days itself.

Works very well to get rid of acne toothpaste. Pain, especially acne. Smear toothpaste on pimples before sleeping at night and put to sleep. That morning the swelling had gone down to see, and a lot less pain.

Matt skin:
Quick toothpastes to increase the brightness of the skin over the matching pair. If you do not have time to take care of your skin before you go outside if you use toothpaste. Phesaoyasera face, then wash as normal use.


To get rid of exhaustion:
Additional makeup, pollution and the running of the body as a result of tired skin. And the appearance of the mark. Two teaspoon of tea liquor and a small amount of toothpaste Mix well and apply to the face. Wash the face for ten minutes. This method is quite effective to remove skin fatigue moment.