5 easy ways to protect your smartphone …


Now the smartphone is not less than the number of people with the most time spent. Those with smartphones could cut in half the time, the issue of security very seriously on their smartphones to keep in mind.

There are five easy ways to protect your smartphone from cyber attacks. Take a look at the five ways:

Complex password: smartphone powerful and complex password. It will be protected from theft or misuse of the information. The security must be strengthened.

Download apps Warning: Be extra careful when downloading apps. Do not download apps from unknown and illegal sources. Download the app from an unknown source, the original source of cyber attacks. Because, come from unreliable sources such as malware app, once installed, which is installed on more viruses, data theft can be.

Information backup: inapharamasena the phone, there are no computer backup storage card or in the cloud. If the phone is stolen or lost the use inapharamasena.

Delete Information: Keep in mind the old phone before selling your privacy. Removing all information from the phone restart the phone. Remove all the information from the phone with the initial factory settings.

Security Software: Security software that can identify and eliminate the virus. When the phone is connected to a vulnerable computer, the virus may come. Therefore, use of antivirus protection.