5 people wanted to keep scientists awake consecutive month. The result has been quite terrible!!


After about ten days to conduct the prisoners gradually began to reveal signs of madness. One prisoner was shouting in a very loud voice for three hours a day continuously. Scientists microphone and hear the screaming guards.

Scientific tests devastating consequences for the human body regular and adequate sleep is very important to the recovery. But what would happen if a man is awake continuously for a month! That’s the time to get to know one or a group of scientists conducted a bizarre experiment. The test result is the growing horror as the roach.

1940 Russia venue. When the Second World War is in full swing. 5 prisoners of the enemy at the same time identified as one of the top Russian scientists tested strange. Their goal was to find a gas, which will be removed from the human body’s need for sleep. Initially the gas they create, how to check the success of the ‘guinea pig’, as they took to the 5 prisoners. They are inserted inside a nearly bayuruddha. Contact with inmates of the prison in order to come to a scientist or not, so the house is left in contact with the external microphone. In addition, regular meals inside the prison, and toilet arrangements are kept. Then, slowly entered the gas starts ghumarodhi inside the house.