5 Ways ant repellent!


Jar of sugar, or foods covered ants go upset the normal attack. Usually infestation of ants in the dining room or kitchen can be seen more. Ant to remove the drugs are available in a variety of markets.

However, without children at home, do not use them. 5 ways to remove the ants naturally know samparke

Lemon juice

Collect the juice of a lemon chip. 1 tablespoon lemon juice mixed with salt spray bottles filled with it. Where there are more ant infestation spray the lemon juice. Ants do not have.


Cinnamon powder
Before going to bed at night and sprinkle the cinnamon powder and around the anthill. Ants see the stealthy disappeared in the morning!

Hot water
One cup warm water 1 tablespoon salt and pepper powder and mix. While warm water and sprinkle the ant movement there. Ants will be removed immediately.

Use vinegar for a black ant repellent. Black spray bottle with vinegar and sprinkle the kitchen nook and cranny. Ant will be removed.

Pepper powder
Mix one cup warm water 1 tablespoon black pepper powder. Please see the ant spray solution. Will be released from the ant infestation.