5 will be released from serious health problems and goals maricajene choose to use lemon and detailed rules.


When we get sick, your body does not have much power. The kind of food that our anti-bacterial and anti-viral components, which are necessary.

When cooling is required to remove it again, then lemon juice can be eaten.

These include the calcium, citric, magnesium, vitamin C. This helps to eliminate virus infections. Again, salt, black pepper, but many problems can be solved using.

According to the website of the Universe heladiyesta health salt, pepper and lemon juice to cure the problem by using five types of domestic ways.

However, before any thing to eat or to use your body to understand the situation and consult a doctor.

1. Sore throat or mucous issue of a lemon cut in half and sprinkle on a little salt and black pepper powder to drink. It will take to heal cold.

II. When mixed with olive oil and lemon juice is to help remove stones galabladarera.

3. If you have a piece of vomit in a glass of water with lemon juice mixed in a little black pepper powder can eat.

4. Reduce tooth pain in a little olive oil and sprinkle black pepper powder can use the affected area.

5. Nose bleed can be removed with lemon juice. Take a cotton ball in lemon juice. Stick it in the nostrils. See the bleeding has stopped.