6. Do not keep the things that the wallet !!


Rakhabenai the money in the wallet. Among the important items wallet all the time. At the wallet lost or stolen shocked to read that situation. This experience must have. To avoid such a hazard wise idea to do some things in the wallet. Take a look at some things in the wallet is not safe to keep:


Receipt: wallet, some eloquent save receipts. Does not think that, down the road, the rush will work it out. But this thought brings hazard. You can lose wallet receipt. A great danger! So wallet must always keep receipts; Rather, it’s a good idea. Will take time to work with the receipt.

SIM card: Some national identity card or a smartcard and mobile phone SIM card was manibyagei. For safety reasons and to avoid this practice should be abandoned.

Credit Cards: nowadays it is one of several credit and debit cards. Many people took the wallet card. If the wallet is lost in this situation, it is not the end of trouble. Missing victims of the card close to the card and the new sensation in the bones. Emergency alert to credit and debit cards in the wallet.

Czech Books: wallet and some checks made secure. But this warning could lead to danger. Cekao the wallet can be stolen. Many victims suffer the risk.


Password: In this age of mobile phones, and many people can not remember the password you need to write it keeps wallet. This means that the wallet missing, but missing out on important information about the account.

Jewelry: Many women wallet was expensive jewelry. Wallet lose expensive jewelry might be missing out. Source: Yahoo Finance