6 ways to learn more acne home!


Acne is a common skin problem. Although the attacks that changed the appearance of the skin. Usually the problem is more oily takei. Concerned over the skin, the skin is oily and acne attack more than tbakei.


Meanwhile, a man think himself helpless, even though a lot of it is much too big nayabajare losana and medicines are available to cure acne, which is helpful. But it takes a lot of time. This problem can be difficult for some of the domestic system. Let us do not know the methods:


A piece of ice in a clean cloth to keep hold of the brane. After a few seconds, the procedure is the same will continue. The pholata decreases acne.
Lemon juice

Take a piece of cotton soaked in lemon juice in a bowl and put it on the entire face before going to bed. The oily face will be reduced.
Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is very useful for curing acne. It’s a little bit of cotton soaked with oil, put it in the mouth. After 1520 minutes, wash your face.
Use spices

Spices in the national instrument for the long-acne effective. Long a handful of soaked in water for five minutes after you apply it, it’s a fortune in acne wash with water.


We usually use toothpaste to brush their teeth. But this tuthapestai effective for acne. Put a little toothpaste on acne before going to bed at night I sleep in the morning, the place is a good result can be obtained.