75 days of vacation this year in primary school, to learn more detailed information about the holiday.


2017 public and private primary schools in the government approved a 75-day vacation. The annual working hours and the school issued an order allowing pariksasuci Ministry of Primary and Mass Education.



Dibasagulo a befitting celebration of the national order of instruction in schools, the police station / district education officials can approve the reserved vacation. Classes in primary schools will be from 9 am to 5 pm until afternoon.

The school will remain open until Thursday afternoon. The primary school classes during Ramadan will be from 9 am to 3 pm till afternoon.

The school is on two shifts, the first and second class year, the school will continue to work at least 600 hours. The school will have a 921-hour shifts.

The third, fourth and fifth grade at the school in two shifts to one shift 791 hours and 231 hours of class 1 will be at the school.

From 3 to 30 April in all schools in the first period, the second period from 6 to 13 August and from 11 to 18 December in the first to fourth grade will be tested annually.

Fifth-grade students for the final examination date has been possible in the order of 0 to 30 November.


Earlier, the Ministry of Education for the 2017 public and private secondary and lower secondary schools approved in 85 days off.