8 ‘Multi-Role Combat’ aircraft lease Bangladesh


Bangladesh Air Force for eight 201617 fiscal year, multi-role combat aircraft, “said the government’s plan to buy planes. On Thursday, the Ministry of Defence dayitbapraptamantri Mr. Huq was a member of the ruling party in Parliament. Abdullah said in reply to a question.

The minister said the Bangladesh Air Force for further strengthening of the 201516 fiscal year, two training helicopters, a short-range air defense radar systems, a Long Range Radar air defense radar and 11 basic trainer aircraft purchase agreement has been signed -6 PT.

He SHO current fiscal year, the six MI-171 helicopters, maritime search and risks of the two helicopters, a medium-range surface-to-air missile systems, and has plans to purchase a iuebhi system.


Multi-role Combat aircraft in the future, medium-lift helicopters and plans to add mobile plus doplara radar.