A few notes about the data !!


India notes (money) has the right to legally print the Reserve Bank of India. At the moment India is on 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 000 notes. The Reserve Bank prints, but not in a note.

The ‘byatikrami’ note is the – one of the notes. India’s Union Minister of Finance of the note prints. All other signed by the Governor of the Bank rijarabha notei where found, there was only one rupee note signed by the Finance Secretary of India.
More paruna new 000 dollar note strength test

In fact, that’s one of the last notes of the new market, which was published on 6 March 014. The note was published srinathaji temple in Rajasthan.


The note is signed by the then finance secretary Rajiv meharsira. The 1 dollar note was printed in 1994 for the last time.