A great win against Ireland Women’s team !!


Super Six World Cup qualifying group stage hurdles Bangladesh women’s cricket team. Super Six tournament has started nicely-Salmara added. Ireland lost.


Colombo, Sri Lanka on Wednesday, Bangladesh won the match by seven-wicket win. Ireland made 144 runs for three wickets in the Bangladesh team reached the desired goal.

Raise the possibility to win the World Cup in Bangladesh.

Due to the small goal to win the match, Bangladesh were all hard. Sharmin Akhter runs in 5 innings of opener jayatake almost easy. And Farzana Haque (34) and Rumana Islam (24) rate-not-admit two innings the rest of the work was finished.


Jahanara Alam, a former captain of Ireland’s great bowling short runs. 21 runs in 9th overs with three wickets Jahanara. The emerald, Rumana and Khadija took one wicket each.