A homicidal poisonous frogs: Nilambari frogs!


Ayamphibiya frogs (Amphibia) class ayaniura (Anura) square amphibians. 8 frog race in the world and under the genus of about 338 species are 4.360. More frogs found in our country during the rainy season.


Country gold frog, shy frog species are frogs. Which are not poisonous at all. But some countries, there are some very poisonous frogs.

These are not available in our country, but in South Asia, the depths of the Amazon jungle, Guiana and poisonous species of frogs are found in many countries in South America. Poisonous frogs, is the biggest characteristic of the bright color of the body.


Colorful frogs were careful look at all of the birds in the forest pasu. According to scientists, animals, the earth, there are 175 species of poisonous frogs.