A sudden loud noise, terrified Parliament daumradauri


The first working session of the thirteenth parliament. At the end of the first day of the session at 7 pm last night after three loud voices could be heard from the 4. The inside of the building was started daumradauri employees.

Some are run downstairs. Dikabidika security forces in charge of running it. Having heard gunfire in the area with the parliament. The shooting is the brother of a policeman came running. Another fire burning outside. It also increases levels of panic. Inside the mosque, the mosque at the Parliament Secretariat musallira out quickly came out. In the meantime, the impression of the face was taking no chances.

At the main gate of the Parliament on condition of anonymity, an official said, ‘Brother, many prayers have been run without end. When asked what happened to the officials of the Parliament, on December 7, in order to achieve the target of electricity production to 13 MW will be celebrated. It was a trial. Deputy Speaker of the Advocate Md issue.


Fazle Rabbi Miah sarjeta ayataarmasake Parliament session of parliament called to find out why such an event is carried out. In response, the speaker is allowed sarjeta ayarta Arms. After being out of Parliament, the Prime Minister, who was brought.