Absolutely jaundice and prevention of disease!


In many cases, jaundice can cause deaths. So if you get rid of all of us to be aware of this disease.



Jaundice is not a disease, it is a sign of the disease. We are going to be yellow sclera jaundice.

When higher levels of jaundice arms, legs and even the whole body can be yellow.

Whether due to jaundice and death, depending on the dangers of jaundice. Common cause of this terrible disease, and I was informed today about the remedy.

According to the type of jaundice is usually 3.
1. Prihepatika
II. Hepatic
3. Post-hepatic
In most cases, the liver is affected by jaundice. So jaundice should never be neglected.

Reason jaundice
Jaundice occurs when bilirubin levels in the blood. However, because they assume that the context of this event.

1pittanalira pradahah
Inflammatory bile duct is obstructed bilirubin absorption. As a result of increased bilirubin.

2libhara pradahah
Inflammatory liver bilirubin production increases. As a result, the levels of bilirubin in the blood, causing jaundice.


3gilabartasa sindromah
This can reduce the efficacy of the enzyme. This problem is recanatantre of bile and bilirubin levels.