Afridi led Pakistan to release 30 prisoners went to Dubai!!

30 people were detained in Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. What a pain it was to him.

Dubai ran. If there Shahid Afridi 30 release.

Pakistanis imprisoned in jail for various offenses chilaaphridi thought they would be free to bring it. They are scheduled to return to normal life in the country. And so, with Shahid Afridi Foundation to deal with the Dubai police. As a result, prisoners are freed.

Afridi wrote on his Twitter profile, it is a special achievement for Shahid Afridi Foundation. Pakistanis are being brought back from Dubai. I hope, will bring joy to their family.
Dubai police officials agreed to return to the prisoners after Afridi expressed his gratitude.

Wrote on Twitter, Dubai police lieutenant governor. And Brigadier General Dahir Khalfan Tamim. I would like to thank Mohamed alamurake.