After eating bharapete tasks that should not be …


After taking a long nap in the afternoon or at night, or cigarette smoke sukhatana bharapeta. Too many people in the habit of happiness. But the habit of happiness, brings more than asukhai. In addition, there is a lot of work to pull up or cigarette smoke, which should never be a full stomach. Let us know what you are after, there should not be eating.


Sleeping: bharapeta secondary syphilis with food intake should never sleep. The food is not digested properly.

Cigarette consumption: a full stomach damage equal to 10 cigarettes a cigarette. Cigarette after a meal is always’ no. Decide right now is a cigarette ever again.

Wash: Wash before eating should be all the time. After taking a bath when the digestive damage.

Eating fruit, “fruit on an empty stomach with water and a full stomach.” We have heard little from this. According filled with food intake, but it is not right to eat the fruit. About two hours after a meal to eat fruit. Although it has been debated.


Tea: Tea drinking tea on a full stomach acid does not digest food. So an hour before or after a meal should not tea.