After quitting smoking, which occurs in the body ??


Dusorao toxic than cigarette smoke, which is a burden for the body. Immediately after the various organs of the body, but how to stop smoking changes, which includes some important information here.

`20 minutes after smoking one end of the body becomes normal blood pressure and pulse rate. Nicotine in cigarette smoke to activate the body’s nerve system, causing an increase in the extent that it was brought down.
If you do not smoke, which is 1 hour

Fire burning cigarette out of the poisonous gas that took the body, it returned to normal after 1 hour. And oxygen levels in the body, because smoking increases oxygen in the blood at the time of the trip is disrupted.
Two days without cigarettes

The ability to taste and smell due to smoking were reduced, to stop smoking just two days after it began.
Three days to stop smoking

Three days later, the light from the inside of the chest to refrain from smoking and breathing functions are easy to remember, because there is no nicotine in the body. Therefore, do not smoke or catch the symptoms can be understood better. The headache, nausea, severe hunger was, disappointment or is atankabhaba.
A few months after stopping smoking

A few months after the elimination of smoking can be seen in many of the body’s blood circulation is better. And more than 30 per cent of the lungs to take in oxygen and kasibhabao began to decline.
Giving up smoking in one year, 10 years or 15 years later

One year after quitting smoking lowers the risk of heart disease in half. Moreover, ten years, if you do not smoke a cigarette smoking is reduced by half the risk of death from lung cancer. Not only that, he is to abstain from smoking for 15 years can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, that’s like her life has never smoked.