After shave !!

Various types of skin can be a problem if you shave regularly. However, some minor aspects to keep in mind when sebhera If there is skin. After-shave lotion, especially after sebhera want to be careful about using.

After shave lotion, gel or cream facial skin will protect you from all sorts of problems. Holy Family Hospital in Dhaka, skin and venereal disease Afzalul Prof Karim told configuration. He said, after shave lotion, after sebhera use is very important. Because it acts as antiseptic. However, even more important after using the cream on the skin after sebhera. If skin moisturizers will be fine.

Sitera need more time on the skin cream. The skin becomes dry enough for the cold weather. At the same time to shave and put more emphasis on Afzalul Karim. “I usually shave many saloons with the same instrument. Sebhera phitakiri in the face is used, then it should be fixed for one.

Using many of the same phitakiri Contact allergy or urticaria may be. If a person is infected with HIV pajitibhe whim to shave the skin is cut out of the blood, and then again with the blades or a razor to shave another person, then that may be the disease. “