Air Mobile Airplane mode, the real cause of…??


An aircraft in flight has been raised. Seat belt affixed sit back and listen to the announcement that the plane will take off when it is ready, “Mobile phonasaha Set your electronic portable device Airplane mode.”

At that time, you must make sure that your mobile phone is switched off or in flight mode is. But if you forget to do it, then again through the same security announcement, it will remind you. If you still have not heard it, you will make sure bimanamala.

Because if not, then it will cause damage to aircraft electronic systems and will fall in a plane crash. That seems to me, do not you?

In fact it is not. Something that is not going to happen. Most people believe that it is a common niyamamatra and you do not have anything if you do not obey these rules. Some people believe that the plane will crash if you do not happen and everyone will die. The truth is, both the perception is wrong.

So far, no link was found, which could prove that it is not in Airplane mode mobile phone, then the signal emitted from mobile air disturbances caused by the accident.

So why then is to keep the aircraft in flight Airplane mode on mobile? Mobile network jam can cause the signal to the ground. More than 10 thousand feet faster travel time and tried to contact the tower of the phone signal and sends a strong signal of a weak signal from the tower.Basically, your mobile will always have a different mobile network to maintain contact with the tower, even if the cell towers in remote areas in order to try to increase the signal to continue contact with the tower. The signals are likely to impact on the ground.

another important reason is that due to the mobile Airplane mode, remember that the pilots did not want to bother. Maybe you have heard the unpleasant sound from any audio system, the audio system was on the mobile phone. Television can be seen as if the mobile phone is actually a sound can be heard from the TV audio system. Phone radiation may be stronger because a lot of time and up to 8 watts. So now I imagine, from the airport during an emergency message from a mobile phone radiation bad word about the creation of the pilot’s headset. Imagine further that this is a bad word, the word is made from 100 passenger cell. You might think how annoying it can be pilot’s headset. Therefore, you should phone the Airplane mode, allowing pilots to do their job in peace.