Amaze the world’s great news! Raihan instruments to predict earthquakes were in Chittagong


There is no forecast or the news in advance that an earthquake disaster. As a result, the disaster caused heavy damages to life and property. As a result of the earthquake, the name of a panic. While some natural disasters forecast is met, there was not anything to predict earthquakes.


Because the matter was yet to discover any devices. The good news, however, came up with the young inventor MM Karim Chowdhury of Chittagong Raihan.

He claims that he invented a machine, which uses laser light to give the message a few minutes before the quake.

This was recently made an instrument. Claims, a few minutes before the earthquake was felt in the creation or tell him who invented this instrument.


The young inventor, however, remain above the deep part of the accessory laser to send a message. At the same time, and the signal will be notified via mobile phone ringtone. As well as a sample has to be made with common materials.