An easy way to extract gold from electronic waste


    Scientists took out new ways to protect the economic interests of the gold. The new environment will be protected in this way. Gold recovered from electronic waste is re-used. If possible, it would be a revolution in the economy, experts say.

    Sasakaceoyanera one of Canada’s University professor Stephen said as a result, a very simple, inexpensive and environmentally friendly way has been found. In that moment will come out gold from waste. The gold can be re-used. This new way of revolution could happen in the gold industry, he says. As a result, he said, gold is a chemical substance which can be absorbed into the lowest.

    Gold out of the mine is usually the case sayanaida takes so much so that the pollution spreads sodium. Gold out of the circuit, or computer chip is very expensive procedure. But scientists have identified as an easy way out. According to scientists, every year 50 million tons of electronic waste scrap. 10 seconds to take gold out of a circuit scientists think. Other metals will remain the same.

    As a result, the first 5000 liters ayakoya Rizia (a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid), a printed circuit board, a kilogram of gold would fetch. The mixture would no longer be used. However, the new process can be found only 100 liters of mixture of one kilogram of gold.


    The mixer can be used all again. A liter costs only 50 cents. Now the researchers are working toward increasing the spread of the gold recovery process.