An easy way to remove excess facial mole!


Many people suffer from problems in the face of additional sesame seeds or phrikelasa. The spots can be seen in more than lighter skin.


Phrikelasa sun rays contain more acute if the body is exposed to the space, there appeared to be over, the whole body can be phrikelasa. Phrikelasa many brands available in the market out of the creams, which are all more or less bleaching material made of;

The delicate skin bleaching substances threaten us. Phrikelasa sesame seeds, or you can choose to remove the additional domestic upaya.

1. Use yogurt every day. It will not wash, apply and leave it on the skin as mayescaraijarera.
II. If you do not allergic to lemon juice and lemon juice and apply it on a regular basis. Every day will use. Get quick results.

3. Use a face pack made with seasonal fruits and vegetables. This could be potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, pumpkin, cabbage, apricots, strawberry, tomato and so on.
4. You can wash your mouth with milk.

5. Apply a little warm honey on the affected area will benefit.
6. Parsali with juice, lemon juice, mix equal amounts of kamalara juice and carrot juice. Use it before you can use your regular cream. It can not be seen phrikelasa.
7. Scrub sugar and lemon juice to good use.

8. Raw turmeric juice and sesame powder and mix together. Like paste made with water and apply on the affected area.
9. Phrikelasera regular use of watermelon juice stains are much lighter.