And it is in stores now, let’s call it flesh ??


    Various reasons can brick your smart phone .. Today, the stock ROM to flash ROM, this post will show how Flash can be easily…

    1. SP Flash Tool
    . Driver for your phone.

    How to flash the stock ROM?

    1. First, install USB Driver.

    2. Take stock ROM eksatraka.

    3. SP Flash Tool Download.

    4. Sp tool.exe SP Flash Tool folder to open it.

    5. Scatter-loading by clicking on the file and select scatter_emmc.text ..

    6. See below the sp tool did not have all the option is checked. If you do not tick all the option Day

    7. Get on the phone. The mobile phone will be launched in the first 5-6 minutes.

    8. Mobile phones off and unplug the battery,

    Please connect to the PC through the USB cable ..

    9. Everything will be just like the auto flash.

    10. Just like when flash green goals

    Would signal ..

    11. The best way to sp tool to disconnect the usb close.