Arifin medal from the Prime Minister!!


Prime Minister Laila Hasan successful mission as a special medal from the popular film actor Arifin Happy evidence. Suman was honored by the Shatabdi Wadud and ABM. The program was organized by the audience Rajarbag police line and naosaba mahiya Mahi.

Change the name of the Prime Minister, miracles happened previously takes surprised to hear that the police officer. However, the illumination directed Dipankar Dhaka attack shooting sets. It also took part in the Syed Hasan Imam, Alamgir, Afzal Hossain, Laila Hasan. “After a long time the country ayatakara film actor Alamgir, standing in front of the camera.

The illumination Dipankar said, “Today, almost all of the artists in the film’s central character is present. Shooting a scene is very important today. Pictures in the story of a team of police special mission to end successfully, the Prime Minister has been honored with medals. What is the mission? The answer to the movies. “