Ask, what should be the ideal weight according to height between men and women?


We do not think anything just to see if anyone is thick or thin. But it is not at all actually. According to medical science to determine body mass index, or BMI, is one of the thin or thick. Every human being has a standard weight relative to height. The weight of this model is that sense of scale, it is not more or less than that, then he is entitled to a healthy body. Pests and diseases are less likely to be.

Kilogram weight was measured to determine the manner of a person’s ideal weight and height is measured in meters. Divided by the square of height to weight. BMI is the bhagaphalake. BMI is between 18 and 4 normal. If between 5 to 30 or less healthy fat, more fat is between 30 to 35. And when it’s over 35 and sick of what might be called fat.

Nobody extra weight or ultra-low weight is not desirable. Many of us are short and fat, others too long, but the carpet knight. This means there is no weight according to their height. Not less than your weight, or if they know what is right out according to height