Asus brings a new gaming laptop??


ASUS has unveiled a new gaming laptop in the market. “Bhidabliu GL 752 model laptop gaming performance gamers demand the highest known to have been made by Asus. Also ayatenatibha design, visual effects and modern advanced technology to optimize the assembly has been.

The sixth generation of the Intel processor lyapatapatite koraai -7. There are video graphics card. 17.3-inch Full HD LED display laptop. It also has a five-speed DDR RAM.

In addition, there are two terabyte hard disk 128 GB Solid-State Disk, HM Intel 170 chipset. As a result, the laptop will be able to quickly take command. It has been used for sanika Master Audio sound technology.

Also for netayarkinyera WiFi, HD web cam, LAN jack. Miliayampiyara 3200 laptop battery, and two-year International warranty Bangladeshi customer value has been set for 1 lakh 13 thousand 500.