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Servants of Allah or to practice his beautiful name, Biden said. The Messenger of Allah in the name of tradition separately announced jikirera period. Allah in the names of attributes (الخافض) ‘al-khaphidu’ a. Which means that the “infidels and polytheists nicukari shabby.”
In short, the name of the attribute (الخافض) ‘jikirera actions of al-khaphidu
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Pronunciation: ‘Al-khaphidu’
Meaning: ‘disbelievers and polytheists nicukari shabby. ”
Attributive names of Allah (الباسط) – the period

>> So that the adjective (الخافض) ‘al-khaphidu the name midnight or noon time will read 100 times chosen by Allah and His creation was rich and dependence.
>> So that the adjective (الخافض) ‘al-khaphidu called Biden was careful to 500 times per day, Allah would fulfill his manobasana.
Finally …

Biden should have the attributes of the Muslim Ummah, Allah is free from vassalage to the innermost life to the world can meet. The regular practice of the attributes of Allah the Almighty grant and Biden. Amen.