Atlantic mosque hanging down!


I heard about the hanging gardens. But no one heard about the hanging mosque? Yes, there is such a mosque Moroccan city of Casablanca.


King Hassan II mosque was built. The sculpture has increased the intervention of the French company. Of course you want to see in the design of thin walls of the mosque will be done pinaciuke French architect Michel.

Anyway, what is the reason to ayakha Floating Mosque? If it is to go out to the Atlantic sea. The mosque will be seen from the ship, teuyera chest shaken by the mosque.

Muslims praying together to the tune of a little ear pitched to be heard. The third is the presence on the blue Atlantic.

There appears to be part of the rest of the ocean floor. Library contains 2224 acres of the mosque, Quran seminary, discussion-room and more.

One hundred thousand people can pray here together in prayer. The tower height of 00 meters. From floor to ceiling height of 65 meters and the roof can be opened in 3 minutes artificially.


As a result, the light inside the mosque, air could enter. There are a total of 124 falls outside the mosque and 50 crystal chandelier. Hassan II mosque did not see the astounding beauty can not be trusted. Visit the mosque to meet your desires.