ATM- going to make money? The location information to know ??


ATM- going to make money? There is no money in the house? So at short notice ATM- will chutatei. Know before you go, there are a few simple but useful information.

1) From today until November 18 of each ATM withdrawal should not be more than Rs 000 per day.

Ii) since November 19, the number will be increased from 000 to 4000 rupees per day.

3) 000 withdrawals per card out of your money if you need more than one card, then you can pick up the money. You do not have to suffer any problem for him.

4) However, one point more than 5 months after the note cards should not be used somewhere. For the sixth time, you have to pay extra money to pay for lifting.

5) However, RBI- has given guidance on various matters on behalf of the bank. 5 times more than in the case of withdrawals are not charged for any additional guidance that has been sent.