Bad news for fans, Neymar is a two-year jail !!


The fear is going to be true. Brazil’s star players like Lionel Messi, Neymar is going to be done. 40 per cent of the transfer fee is not to be in jail for Neymar. As well as ex-president Sandro Russel barsalonara going to be five years in jail. Barcelona is also a former president of the 8.5-million-euro fine.

but why? Spanish giants Barcelona, the club from Brazilian club Santos after the incident started. At that time, 40 per cent of the transfer fee has syantosake Barcelona. Santos was approached for the court. Brazilian Investment Group diaiesa investigate the incident. Neymar has been found guilty, barsalonara former president Sandro and Neymar agent Russell’s father.

Everyone is going to be in jail and a fine. A few days before the crime of tax evasion arjentaina star Lionel Messi and his father, a Spanish court ordered the 1-month imprisonment. Neymar is going to be basically on the same. 24 kalakata