Bajaj pulsar NS 200 and RS-200 coming to the market new versions


The good news for bike lovers. Wheel vehicle just ‘Hand Race’ increases over the road who would like to give them a more attractive motorbikes are common in India, Bajaj Motorcycles company.


Pulsar pulsar NS 200 and RS-200, they are trying to bring the two motarasaikelakei more modern incarnation. Fuel injection, liquid cooling, perimeter frame, anti-lock brake system with twin projector hedalyampa era updated with issues such as the Indian market is coming Bajaj pulsar new version of NS 200 and RS-200.


It will also increase the speed of the pulsar bike Experts NS bikes between 200 and RS-200. The two speeds of 141 kilometers per hour Bajaj bikes. Indian bike market price of 200 RS pulsar estimated 1 million twenty two thousand rupees. Anti-lock brake system, if the price will be increased to Rs 1 lakh 33 thousand 883. (Geo to use “the cheapest 4G phone was launched lava)



Many have complained about dapaleo palasarera engine market. Now that the issue has been eager to build sophisticated Bajaj Motorcycles BS IV engines. Change the engine as well as changing her look with Bajaj pulsar 200. Racing Blue and Graphite Black ranei coming to India, the two new pulsar NS 200 and RS-200.