Bangladesh does not know the proper use of smartphones!


The massive increase in the use of smartphones in its many facilities are still unused, says technology expert Zakaria Swapan.

Bus tickets through the world of smartphones, shopping, public services, all facilities are available.

But selaphi raising its users, Facebook, Viber, except a few, such as the use of smartphones and YouTube, so do not use any.

Information-technology Zakaria Swapan, said, “Almost ten million people in Bangladesh, smart cell phones, but that’s a computer, what people do not realize.

It is possible to do a lot of Internet-based. There are many options of using a smartphone, which can be life easier. People still do not know about the benefits of smartphones. ”


He commented, “The government is now trying to sahajalabdha many services through the Internet. But just as people did not know about these services because the services were not popular. “