Bangladesh has banned foreign channels, local advertising


The government has banned the advertising of local and foreign channels.

Esankranta a press release Monday, the Information Ministry official confirmed that direction.

Domestic and foreign television channels are showing that the products they demanded the closing ceremony of advertising, artist, advertising creators of the movement had been for some time.

The last major protests on November 30 in Dhaka said.

According to the Ministry of Information statement, the foreign TV channels broadcasting in breach of this instruction permits and licenses batilasaha no objection, and disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with law.

The protesters complained that the foreign TV channel billions through advertising local products from Bangladesh are trafficked abroad.

Indian television channels in Bangladesh recent times some companies are advertising.

The channel has been popular in India as they feel that the more of these channels to advertise their products to reach consumers will be able to quantify.

But many are concerned with the actors and television, advertising revenue from television channels in the country is decreasing.