Bangladeshi hackers’ attack, crashed in the Indian cyberspace


Since 2012. At that time, the Indians defeat cyber war. And they came against Bangladesh in a cyber war. A few days before they were suddenly attacked by cyber Bangladesh. Due to the country in more than 90 sites were affected. Bangladesh insult and a video message that viral online.

And to meet the special attention of the Bangladeshi hackers. The hacking group which includes some of the Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers, Bangladesh Gray Hat Hackers, Team_CC, Bangladesh Cyber Army, Bangladesh Script kidde Hackers, Error Squad Bangladesh, Blacksmith, BD Level 7 decided against their wrongdoing.

Operation Blackout, an attack on the Bangladeshi Hackers attacked and decides. Around 1200 the first Indian attack in which several important sites and government websites were hacked. The site database is corrupted. India is the hacker attack.

All the victims of hacking sites in the country to recover the OPBlackout trura. They (OPBlackout) A crew BD Live 4 or fewer dots, said: “Many of us benefit from the Indians in 1971, but now they are using it as a medium to short. It has been seen on the Indian dipheja. It seems to us intolerable. We were cool.

They brought it on themselves to defeat. Their answer is to attack from us. Although Indians are still at a disadvantage to us! ‘

According to the latest information in the amount of 3 thousand Bangladeshis diphesa. Bangladeshi Hackers are continuing their work as BD Live 4 or fewer dots of the crew of the OPBlackout-.