Bangladesh’s new baggage rules at the airport! Check now.


Internal Resources Division of the Ministry of Finance, Government of Bangladesh, the National Board of Revenue has issued a circular in June, National Board of Revenue passengers (aparyataka) baggage (import) rule 12 of the rules of the new rules are formalized.


The rules Tourist Baggage (Import) Rules, 1981 and the Privileged Persons (Customs Procedures) Rules, 2003, except under the passenger will apply to all passengers.

The rules explaining passengers’ refers to any passenger coming from abroad. The ‘baggage’ that a reasonable amount of food imported by any passenger, wearable, which refers to domestic or other personal items, each item must not be more than 15 kg of weight.

The new rules are notable points:

Air and sea passengers come with 1 year of age or older to bring handbags, kebinabyaga or otherwise bring a bag of 65 kg in weight is not too much that all baggage be redeemed without paying duties and taxes. That is the duty and tax free baggage up to 65 kilograms.

Sub-rule (1) to the wearable objects weighing up to 35 kgs excess baggage, personal use items, books, periodicals and study all kinds of goods without customs duties and taxes will be or can be discharged.


Passengers under the age of 12 year, weighing up to 40 kg cartons, bag or sack to bring personal baggage do not pay any customs duties and taxes. However, without the benefit of passengers will not receive any other benefits under the age of 1 year.