Be careful before eating cake! Know that ..


Plan to eat cake entarase ripe, twenty December. But he’s made cakes How do you know? We know that. I know, because we have a cake factory andaramahale strikes. Jiniujera news.


What is going on is there-as seen terrible word nauseous hide his face in shame! There is no concept of hygiene. City Bakery, extreme unhealthy environments are being made cakes. That’s what Christmas markets are charmed. Room is reached. Increasing the risk of disease-consumption.

Observe ineligible round. But after that make-up the product, which is averted his eyes from liability. Bowed to the crowd. However, with such a serious thing, but that is in the stomach, you know what will be the eyes.

The opening of the reddish color of the egg. You have to understand, it is like an egg, and five of which are purchased from the market. They are red egg, from which the child