Be careful! Cancer may be playing the 3 meal !!


Cancer is a fatal disease, which was diagnosed at the initial state. As a result, at the end, and many suffer. Who does not want to be health conscious. But in many cases, can be seen, are becoming aware of, but do not try to walk abhyasera. And it increases the danger. Cancer is a fatal disease, which is often not diagnosed early. As a result, at the end, and many suffer.

What exactly is the cancer, but it can not yet say for sure, because some researchers have found. According to a published study, some of us need to be careful about food. These knowledge could lead to cancer. For example,

Red meat, red meat, as well as goat, cow or pork Many favorite. However, eating more red meat is harmful to health. Maybe lethal than cancer, researchers claimed. Researchers doing so, the habit of eating red meat more than once if it is better to give up the habit. According to a study, red meat contain a chemical called n-nitrosodiyethilamina. 000075 per gram of material at the point of the body is sufficient for the production of cancer.
Refined sugar

Refined sugar great risks. This sugar is responsible for obesity. More than 60 percent of people in the UK suffer from obesity or overweight problems. In addition to the health problems of various types of refined sugar in the body gives rise to cancer cells. This is made from sugar drinks are harmful for the body. Many diabetes patients as an alternative to sugar and artificial sugar chooses. But the study found, was used to create this artificial sugar suitenarsa soda and coffee. In fact, this artificial sugar affect blood sugar control. Dayebetisa may increase the cancer.


Processed white flour
Flour and sugar foods. It is very beneficial for health. But prakriyakaranajata white flour is not good for health at all. As a result, in order to refine the flour loses its normal pustigunaguna. Matches for storing the wheat flour is now using a chemical called kloraina gas, which is in favor of health